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How Hellotickets found a holistic solution to talent relocation

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If you’re hiring from abroad but don’t have time to read this whole thing, here’s the only quote from Hellotickets you really need to see:

Q: “How likely are you to recommend Jobbatical to companies hiring internationally?”

A: “100%. They are very professional.”

But there’s more to the story.

Madrid-founded startup Hellotickets has taken on the monumental challenge of building the largest global marketplace for travel experiences. Already present in 15 countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, this e-commerce company has been thinking big from day one.

To be able to think big as a business, they’re thinking big in hiring—by casting a wider net and bringing in talent from abroad. It’s a) the best way to make sure you’re finding the top people for your team and b) the only way to sneak past the global talent shortage that has nearly doubled over the past decade.

Because Spain is certainly not immune to the global talent crunch—41% of the country’s employers are reporting difficulties finding the right skill sets.

So like many savvy employers, Hellotickets has recently been looking outside of Spain for their hiring needs. “This is critical for our company because we can find the talent that we need to complement our national team,” says Alberto Martinez, Hellotickets co-founder and COO.

The Spanish immigration system, however, was not going to make things easy for them. Raul Ruiz Sacristan, Jobbatical’s Spanish immigration lead, has been in the business long enough to have seen all the boobytraps that await employers who hire internationally. “In Spain, the employer still needs to go to the immigration office physically to register an employee,” he cites an example. “The immigration system is flawed.”

So while it’s a necessity for many employers in Spain to hire internationally, outdated immigration is getting between businesses and their ability to stay competitive.

With no in-house experience navigating the complex bureaucracy of talent relocation, Hellotickets finally decided that their time was far too valuable to spend on learning about and wading through Spain’s inefficient and time-consuming immigration processes.

And so, looking to take the whole relocation hassle off their plate, Hellotickets found Jobbatical. The Estonian-founded smart immigration company had just expanded to Spain to help employers there move international talent more easily than ever, so the timing couldn’t have been better.

Able to offload the entire process on Jobbatical, Alberto noticed a clear difference in how much relocation tasks now affect the day-to-day at Hellotickets—they don’t.

“We don't have to worry about this anymore”, he says. “We have saved a lot of time because Jobbatical gave us a holistic solution.”

To date, Hellotickets has relocated three people through Jobbatical. This might not sound like much until you realize that’s roughly 30 hours they’ve shaved off their workload already.

With a projected 10-12 more international hires to make this year, those hours will add up fast, freeing up time for Alberto and his team to do what they’re all in Madrid to do—connecting people to their next favorite memories.

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Case study

How Hellotickets found a holistic solution to talent relocation

Case study


Case study


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