Resources and updates on Ukraine: Immigration, Relocation, and how to help

Immigration updates

As the war rages on in Ukraine, our top priority at Jobbatical is to support the Ukrainian people with all the tools and resources at our disposal.

It is crucial that the horrifying situation does not become normalized in our hearts and minds, and that people and governments around the world continue the effort to help Ukraine and stop the war.

Like many others over these past two weeks, we’ve compiled a list of links anyone can use to donate or otherwise support Ukraine and its people—both those who remain and those who have been displaced. 

Below, you will find the most recent updates about consular services.

Supporting Ukraine with donations

Since the beginning of the invasion, many ways to donate have been widely shared all over social media. Often, the sheer amount of information has been overwhelming. Here are some of the causes and organizations we at Jobbatical have donated to.

The war in Ukraine has driven millions of people from their homes and caused unspeakable damage. We urge everyone to donate as much as they can and seek out any other ways to help, such as volunteering and, of course, protesting.

To everyone directly affected by this war, we extend our deepest sympathy and all the support we can muster. To everyone else, please remember to follow trustworthy news sources and only reshare verified information.

Immigration support for companies relocating Ukrainian citizens

We’re constantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine and the immigration offices we have relationships with, to be able to give the most accurate and timely updates to those affected.

We continue to offer free consultations for companies working to bring their Ukrainian employees to Spain, Estonia, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Germany. 

Our immigration experts are continuously updating this page with the most up-to-date information about developments in consular services for Ukrainian nationals moving to Estonia, Spain, Germany, Portugal, or the Netherlands.

Keep an eye out for updates here or contact us at for your consultation. 

Immigration Updates

DISCLAIMER: All of the below is subject to change with little to no notice. This page may contain dated information due to the rapidly changing situation. If you are looking to relocate affected staff, please contact us at
Germany 🇩🇪
April 12, 2022
⚠️ Employment for Russian citizens ⚠️ The German Employment Agency has issued a blanket ‘Pre-Approval’ until September 30, 2022 for Russian-based employees of international companies in Russia who apply for German work visas to work at the entity of that company in Germany. Under regular circumstances, a pre-approval is required for each visa and work permit applicant (except Blue Card EU) and has a processing time of up to three weeks. Due to this, processing times will decrease as the involvement of the Employment Agency is no longer required for the issuance of the work visa. The German Embassy in Russia will still review all other conditions though before granting the visa. GENERAL ⚠️ People who were in Ukraine on 24 February may enter Germany without a visa. Whether a Ukrainian national would normally need a visa or not, they can now stay in Germany until 23 May 2022. During this time, they can decide whether to apply for a long-term right of residence in Germany. It's possible to apply for a temporary residence permit according to section 24 of the Residence Act, or a residence title for a different purpose, such as working or studying. Applying for asylum leads to a limited right to employment and the obligation to live in an initial reception center. Social security benefits will be raised from 01 June onwars to to SGB2 (HartzIV) level The German consulate in Kyiv remains closed. Ukrainian nationals are able to apply for a visa in one of Ukraine's neighboring countries. More guidance about travel, entry, residence and work here: Other official sources to consult: EMBASSIES The German consulate in Kyiv remains closed. Ukrainian nationals are able to apply for a visa in one of Ukraine's neighboring countries. German Embassy Warsaw, Poland: German Embassy Bucharest, Romania: German Embassy Budapest, Hungary: German Embassy Bratislava, Slovakia: BERLIN People who have had to flee Ukraine because of the war are granted a humanitarian residence permit for temporary protection. This residence permit can only be issued in Berlin to those who have already found a permanent living space in Berlin or have received an allocation decision from the LAF for distribution to Berlin. DÜSSELDORF As a rule, Ukrainian nationals initially enter Germany without a visa. This applies for a period of up to 90 days. On March 3rd, 2022, the European Commission decided on a simplified residence law procedure. For these people, a residence permit can be applied for in accordance with Section 24 of the Residence Act. KÖLN Ukrainian nationals/refugees seeking support from local authorities should book an appointment here: More information here: HAMBURG The Office for Migration, in cooperation with the municipal IT service provider Dataport, has set up a system for making appointments online. At least 4,300 appointments can be booked. Appointments for privately accommodated persons seeking protection can be booked here: The Central Initial Reception Center (ZEA) is the first point of contact for asylum seekers who are new to Hamburg. More information here: General information here: FRANKFURT
Estonia 🇪🇪
April 11, 2022
⚠️ ⚠️ Government approved a sanction restricting the opportunities for Russian and Belarusian citizens to work or do business in Estonia and suspending the issuance of (new) visas and residence permits to said citizens. The Estonian government has approved an order that will provide temporary protection to Ukrainian people fleeing to Estonia. As of 9 March, applying for a residence permit is a one-day process for refugees. People from Ukraine who lived in the country prior to the outbreak of war on 24 February and who have fled to Estonia are being placed under temporary protection. This includes Ukrainian citizens, stateless people with permanent residence permits for Ukraine, and third-country citizens unable to return to their own countries due to life-threatening circumstances. The protection extends to the families of the refugees and can initially be obtained for a period of one year, then extended. ⚠️ Estonian representations in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Pskov, and Minsk, as well as the visa centers of the external service providers in the Russian Federation and Belarus have stopped receiving visa applications due to technical difficulties in the payment of visa fees and service fees, as well as other unforeseen restrictions arising from the current situation in Russia and Belarus. It is still possible to submit a visa for citizens wishing to visit family members in Estonia, as well as on humanitarian grounds, e.g., serious illness or funeral of a close relative. Based on the purpose of the visit, these visa applications are exempt from the visa fee. ⚠️ The Minister of the Interior has explained that the regulation extends the right to work in Estonia of those citizens of Ukraine who cannot apply for temporary protection as they were already living and working in Estonia before 24 February, and whose registered period of short-term employment has ended or is about to end. They have a legal basis for staying in Estonia and the regulation permits them to work in Estonia until 31 May. The Estonian Embassy in Kyiv has suspended the consular reception (visa, TRP, issuance of documents, certificates, etc.) temporarily. More info: and
Spain 🇪🇸
March 24, 2022
⚠️The Spanish Embassy in Kyiv is closed and obtaining visas is currently not possible. Ukrainian nationals can request temporary protection in Spain for one year. This temporary protection permit includes authorization to work, health coverage, and right to education. There have been no official announcements about changes to standard immigration rules for highly qualified workers from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus.
Netherlands 🇳🇱
March 24, 2022
Ukrainians in the Netherlands for a short stay of up to 90 days can extend their short-stay visa or visa-exempt term for a maximum of 90 days, up to a total of 180 days. This is also possible if their visa or visa-exempt term has already expired. Ukrainians outside of the Netherlands who have received a positive decision on their provisional residence permit application can collect the provisional residence permit at a Dutch embassy or consulate in another country. Ukrainians who applied for a provisional residence permit in Ukraine or for sponsors who applied for them in the Netherlands don’t temporarily need to collect this from the Dutch embassy, if they meet the following conditions: ⚠️They have received a positive decision on the application. ⚠️They are in the Netherlands on a short-stay visa or in a visa-exempt term. Applying for a first residence permit is temporarily possible without the provisional residence permit under these conditions: ⚠️ They have legal residence with a short-stay visa or visa-exempt term; ⚠️ They meet all the conditions for the residence permit, except for the basic civic integration exam abroad. ⚠️ As of 28 February 2022, the Immigration and Naturalization Department does not have to make a decision on Ukrainian asylum applications for 6 months. Also, the Repatriation and Departure Service will not force Ukrainians to depart if the IND previously rejected their application. The IND will temporarily not decide on asylum applications from Ukrainians and extends the decision period for pending and new asylum applications by 1 year. This means that the IND will have 1 year longer to make a decision. The IND will also not consider Ukraine a safe country of origin for 6 months. ⚠️ Refugees from Ukraine who can prove their identity, origin, or lawful residence in Ukraine (e.g., with their passport, birth certificate, or residence papers) can register with the receiving municipality. This will entitle them to certain facilities, such as housing, living expenses, medical care, and education. Once the identity of a refugee has been established, registration will be effected in the municipality's Key Register of Persons (BRP). In this way, they are registered in the Central Shared Database With Basic Information On Applicants (BVV) and automatically known to the IND. It is expected that the majority of refugees from Ukraine can be registered in this way. An additional origin and identification process is set up for foreign nationals who do not have sufficient documents. These refugees do not have to take action yet. Together with other involved agencies, the IND works out where and how this assessment will take place. As soon as there is more news, information will follow. NEW UPDATES communicated here:
Portugal 🇵🇹
March 24, 2022
All documents (citizen cards, drivers licenses, criminal records, certificates, visas, and documentation related to the stay of foreign nationals in the national territory) that expired after 28 of February 2020 are now considered valid until the 30th of June 2022. Refugees will benefit from a temporary protection regime that provides for a simplified regime of authorization to stay in the country without having to prove that they are in danger. The first residence permit should be valid for 1 year and can be renewed for periods of 6 months. A task team has been created to organize and grant the full integration of citizens from Ukraine in Portugal regarding employment, Social Security, and access to health services. Portuguese immigration authorities have created a dedicated service to receive citizens from Ukraine upon arrival in Portugal. These offices will work from 08:30am to 08:00pm. Also to note that today more than 7 thousand job offers have already been published exclusively for citizens of Ukraine that will be integrated under exclusive conditions. The Portuguese government has released a platform to combine in one place all the actions underway regarding the conflict in Ukraine, in terms of international action, sending humanitarian aid and the integration and hosting of displaced persons in Portugal. More information here: ⚠️ For those seeking temporary protection status in Portugal, registration with the Portuguese authorities is available here: