Moving to Hamburg

A Beginner's Guide to Life in Hamburg, Germany

Moving to Hamburg

Hamburg —  It is one of the world's most important musical cities, second only to New York and London.

That’s Hamburg in a nutshell. But if you’r employee is moving here, they probably need to know a bit more than that. Where and what to eat? How to talk to the locals? What's the trick to finding a great apartment? This guide will cover these basics and more, guiding you from the moment you land in Hamburg to the glorious day when you feel like home.

What's in this free Guide?
  • What to expect when they land in Hamburg;
  • How to navigate everyday life, from groceries and gyms to bank accounts and health insurance;
  • How to find an apartment;
  • What and where to eat;
  • And soooo much more!

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