Jobbatical’s quick guides: Automated assessments

Jobbatical’s quick guides: Automated assessments

Maria Magdaleena Lamp
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There are many steps in the immigration and relocation process that still rely heavily on manual tasks.

It starts with assessing if a specific person is even eligible for relocation to your location. Traditionally, a human being would have to manually go through a lot of information to figure this out. If you’re working with an immigration lawyer, you’re getting charged, by the hour, for every individual assessment.

But Jobbatical is all about speeding up and optimizing the relocation process, automating everything that can be automated. So we took the vast combined knowledge of our immigration experts and translated it into an automated, AI-powered process. 

Now, when you open a new relocation case on Jobbatical, AI does the legwork to determine if your employee can be relocated to your location. For you, this has multiple benefits: 

  • Saves time for both your internal teams and your Jobbatical agents, making the whole process faster and more budget-friendly—no billable hours!
  • Reduces human error, lowering the chances of having to redo any paperwork.

All you have to do is open a new relocation case on Jobbatical. Within minutes, you'll receive confirmation that your case is in progress, and the platform will guide you through the next steps.

Through our automated assessments, you can determine if your new employee can be relocated to your location. In a few minutes, without any immigration knowledge or lawyer fees.

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