Why Jobbatical? Unlocking effortless employee relocation

Why Jobbatical? Unlocking effortless employee relocation

Andreia Mendes
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Why should your company partner with Jobbatical for the relocation of international hires rather than managing the process in-house or choosing another provider? This is a question we are glad to answer.

Powered by AI and the best mobility experts, Jobbatical is a cost-effective time-saving solution. By automating the most time-consuming steps of relocation, we guarantee a cost-effective and time-saving solution, cutting down approximately 9 hours of HR teams’ work per relocating employee.  

But how exactly do we do that? Keep reading to understand how Jobbatical can be the comprehensive relocation solution your company needs.

Tech-enabled relocation with humans at the core

Jobbatical's software automates many time-consuming aspects of the relocation and immigration process. As a result, our agents can focus on taking care of you and your hires instead of filling up government forms and dealing with paperwork. 

This not only minimizes human errors but also allows us to leverage our expertise more effectively, resulting in a 99% approval rate for all visa and permit applications submitted through Jobbatical. 

The combination of human expertise and ever-evolving tech enables your HR team to invest their time and resources in crucial areas like hiring, onboarding, and fostering a positive people and culture environment, without getting delayed by complex bureaucratic processes and settling-in tasks

Automated tracking

Never miss another deadline, document, appointment, or permit renewal.
The Jobbatical platform gives you real-time visibility into ongoing relocations, while your employees can effortlessly track their immigration process, understanding precisely what is expected of them and when. This ensures all steps are completed timely and helps prevent avoidable delays.

Even after your international employees have settled into their new homes, you can effortlessly keep track of their visas and permits and monitor documents approaching expiration or already expired, allowing you to stay proactive and in control.

Democratizing smooth relocation experiences

At Jobbatical, we believe relocating to a new country should be as simple as booking a flight, with flexible options to match. We offer different levels of service, from immigration-only to settling in support, flexible commitment time and packages adapted to your company’s specificities and needs. 

To learn more about how to streamline employee relocation at your company, book a free demo with our experts here.

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