Why Jobbatical? We’re glad you asked

Why Jobbatical? We’re glad you asked

Maria Magdaleena Lamp
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People often ask us: “Why should we work with Jobbatical to relocate international hires if we could just do it in-house or go with another provider?”

It’s a great question and we love answering it. For one, Jobbatical saves HR teams around 9 hours of work per relocating employee (on average). But how exactly do we do that?

Here’s a quick look at why using Jobbatical for all your relocation needs is a good idea.

Tech-enabled relocation with humans at the core

Jobbatical’s software automates several tedious parts of the relocation and immigration process. As a result, Jobbatical’s agents don’t have to fill out government forms—the tech does it for us. That means we spend our time taking care of our clients (that’s you and your hires) instead of paperwork.

This minimizes human error and allows us to leverage our (considerable) expertise in more productive ways, culminating in a 99% approval rate for all visa and permit applications filed through Jobbatical.

That special people + tech hybrid model empowers your HR team to spend their time and resources on hiring, onboarding, people, and culture, instead of getting bogged down in red tape and settle-in tasks.

Automated tracking: Never lose another deadline, document, appointment, or permit renewal

Jobbatical’s technology gives you full visibility into ongoing relocations in real time, while your employees can follow their own immigration process easily and know exactly what and when is expected of them.

This ensures everything gets filed on time and prevents most preventable delays.

For example, even after your international employees get settled in their new home, you still need to keep track of their permits and visas. On Jobbatical, you can easily see documents due to expire or already expired, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and avoid awkward situations at the immigration office.

Democratizing smooth relocation experiences

At Jobbatical, we believe that relocating to a new country should be as painless as booking a flight, and your options as flexible.

Through the level of automation our proprietary technology enables, we’re able to offer bespoke relocation experiences at almost offensively reasonable prices—with no minimum commitment. In the world of Jobbatical, it’s not just big corporations with lots of spending money who can justify investing in relocation software.

For a more detailed breakdown of in-house vs outsourced relocation, you can take a look at this classic article. For your free consultation with our brilliant immigration experts, just drop us a line here.

*We love Jobbatical, but we do try to stay balanced in our reporting.

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