Settling-in support: the key to employee relocation success

Settling-in support: the key to employee relocation success

Andreia Mendes
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With global expansion and evolving business landscapes, global employee mobility is becoming a norm for many companies. However, with great opportunities come big challenges, especially for employees and their families adjusting to a new country. For employee relocations to be successfully executed, organizations need to consider the human aspects of mobility, not just the legal ones. 

Employee mobility is a process that requires meticulous planning and support, right from the get-go. While organizations often focus on the talents and their new roles, it's essential to remember that families are also deeply affected by the move. Relocating is not as simple as packing your bags and showing up in a new office. The difficulties associated with moving to a foreign country and having to adapt to a new culture can lead to culture shock, isolation, homesickness, and potentially to assignment failures and early repatriation.

A significant number of international assignments end up failing. One of the main reasons behind these failures is a lack of preparation and support for employees and their families. 

This is where settling-in services come in, playing a crucial role in helping employees and their families transition smoothly into their new lives.

Small actions like healthcare registration or finding the right schools for children contribute greatly to a smoother adaptation and to feeling “at home” in a new location. This, in turn, makes for much better chances of a successful employee relocation.

Jobbatical offers a range of settle-in services to support your talents:

Accommodation: we provide on-the-ground agents who assist your employees in finding short-term stays as well as long-term apartments, ensuring they have a comfortable place to call home.

Address Registration: once accommodation is secured, we take care of all the related paperwork and ensure your talents have their addresses registered correctly.

Bank Accounts: we help your employees find the best banking solutions and guide them through the process of opening bank accounts in their new host country.

Doctor Registration: we ensure your global hires have access to the healthcare support they need.

Tax Residency: we help your employees navigate the complexities of local tax laws and ensure compliance.

Education Support: for employees moving with their families, we assist in finding the right schools for their children, ensuring a seamless transition.

Relocating can be an overwhelming experience or, with the right support, an exciting journey.
With the challenges and stresses associated with moving to a new country, organizations need to consider the well-being of their employees and their families. Settling-in services provide the support and assistance necessary for a smooth transition, leading to a happier and more successful mobility experience. By investing in settling-in services and taking a proactive approach to employee preparation, organizations can significantly increase the likelihood of international assignments being successful and fulfilling experiences for everyone involved. 

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