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Everything you need to know about relocating your employees with Jobbatical

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Why Jobbatical?

Our mission is to make moving to a new country as easy as booking a flight by combining our global mobility expertise with the best technology in the market, which will continue to include:

  1. Unlimited Data storage
  2. Automatic Assessments
  3. Form Automation
  4. Permit Renewal Tracking
  5. Reporting
  6. Unlimited users and employees
  7. And much more
Does Jobbatical handle visa and relocation requests for individuals?

At present, Jobbatical provides visa and relocation-enabled services to companies and their employees.

How do I get started with Jobbatical?

Simply request a demo, and we will get you started with your first employee visa and relocation in one click.

Does Jobbatical handle family relocation?

Yes, our platform allows for family relocation.

How will our HR team keep track of the relocation process?

At a glance or in-depth, see all your cases on your dashboard and get the data you need for planning and reporting.

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