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A Case for Rethinking Skilled Immigration in the UK

How UK's Immigration policy impacts the future of business

How does the UK's current immigration policy impact the future of the country's businesses?

The upcoming UK general election promises to reignite the debate on immigration. While recent measures may suggest a focus on limiting immigration, the reality is complex.

Business leaders rely heavily on skilled workers globally – in fact, immigration figures jumped to record highs after Brexit, driven by a rise in non-EU workers.

Jobbatical's report, “A Case for Rethinking Skilled Immigration in the UK," dives deep into the perspectives of senior business leaders and employees, with surveys from 200 senior business professionals and 1,200 UK professionals.

Key findings include:

- 58% of large organizations (500+ employees) depend on migrant workers to fill skill gaps.

- Over half (53%) still see international hiring as a long-term strategy.

- Visa and sponsorship costs are the top barrier to hiring international talent.

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