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Amolingua improves team communications through flexible language learning, culture, and soft skills programs designed for high-performing companies.  We provide corporate training for employees in 3 significant communication development areas: Language for Specific Business Purposes training, Cultural intelligence training, Multilingual Soft skills Training.

Our Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) training equips employees with the language skills necessary to articulate their positions, understand negotiation tactics, and effectively close deals.

Our CQ training brings country’s social norms, language, perceptions, and world views to the top of employees minds, so they can be more aligned to get things done faster, with a better end result.

Our training in soft skills enhances their negotiation and influencing skills, leading to more successful outcomes in international business negotiations. Employees have access to our training programs, and progress can be tracked to ensure compliance. Programs are led by our teachers and experts with specialized experience across borders.

Learning modules and assignments are included for teams and individuals. We help to strengthen the integrity of teams, build a strong foundation of trust amongst international employees, and protect company’s budget from losses due to poor communication.

What our partners can say about us

Smart employers trust Jobbatical to move their people and save them time

We've just had our first completely 100% positive satisfaction survey for relocators to Spain. Jobbatical have absolutely upgraded our relocation experience in Spain and we loved working with the whole team.

Reece Procter
Reece Procter
People Operations Lead (Mobility) | Personio

"Working with Jobbatical has been a great experience, they have been really supportive in many aspects such as working permits and relocation services! We are really happy with the service"

Manuela Galan
Manuela Galan
People Operations Specialist | TravelPerk

“Best service and best crew to work with! Impossible is nothing to them!”

Karolina Stawinska
Karolina Stawinska
Global Mobility | N26

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