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OneFootball: pushing talent feedback from "negative" to "a great experience"

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Germany-based OneFootball is on a mission “to bring fans closer to football and football closer to fans”. The global app connects football fans to the latest news on their favorite teams, live scores, statistics, and more. In 2022, OneFootball hired approximately 200 people, 40% of whom were international talent who needed visa support. 

“Amazing” support for both new hires and team

Partnering up with Jobbatical simplified employee mobility at OneFootball both for new relocation cases and extension cases, shares Aura Cruz, People Operations Partner.

Most importantly, the partnership has greatly improved OneFootball’s talents’ relocation experience - “previously, we had some negative feedback from talents about how they would not feel supported, especially at the beginning of their relocation process”. With Jobbatical, the company’s employees are guaranteed dedicated support, from an introduction call to expert advice and support at each step of their relocation process.  

Aura states that working with Jobbatical has been a “great experience” not only for OneFootball’s talents but also for their managers and recruiters, highlighting the consistent communication with the Jobbatical team -  “we had weekly catch-ups and the information was very clear, it was always prepared”. Cruz mentions a particularly complex UK case, that required “a lot of support and quick reactions on both sides”, underlining Jobbatical’s team flexibility to communicate on Slack - “this has been amazing”. 

Time-saving platform

Not only does the OneFootball team appreciate the “personal touch” and proximity Jobbatical experts deliver throughout the mobility process, they feel the platform itself introduced relevant improvements. Aura shares how the process of keeping the multiple relevant parties informed about the status of relocation cases was previously a very manual job - “I always had to think about informing them, what is the status, what questions they might ask”. Jobbatical has proven a valuable tool to keep everyone informed and up-to-date, from line managers to recruiters, and People Operations. Aura highlights the integration of email reminders with the app, which ensures important notifications don't get missed and provides an easy-to-access record of communications.

A highly valuable - and cost-effective - solution

Overall, Aura considers Jobbatical a highly beneficial and cost-effective solution that becomes particularly relevant when hiring talent from non-EU countries - “when you know that, per year, you will hire at least five people, Jobbatical’s service is already really worth it. We are bringing a lot of people from India or Macedonia where we really rely on Jobbatical” - and would “definitely recommend” Jobbatical to other companies.

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