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zooplus: expanding hiring beyond European borders

Numbers of relocations
Relocation and Immigration Services

zooplus is the leading pet supply provider in Europe. Headquartered in Munich, the company has nine offices spread around the European continent and operates in 30 countries. A total of 1,300 employees make up zooplus’ team, 11 of whom are responsible for recruitment and mobility. 

Opening doors to global hiring

Paula Echevarria, Spanish acquisition team, shares how, before partnering with Jobbatical, zooplus faced the challenge of primarily focusing its talent acquisition within Europe - “before Jobbatical, we could only reach for European talent, which was not easy”. With Jobbatical, zooplus’ hiring managers can now source talent from all over the world, expanding hiring options to regions like Asia and Latin America and accelerating the recruitment process.

An elevated hiring and mobility experience

All the candidates are really happy with how quick you answer and with the support you provide them.

For Paula, zooplus’ employee mobility process saw a significant improvement since partnering with Jobbatical. The company’s international talents are now experiencing a professional, well-communicated and speedy service, through dedicated Jobbatical agents - “all the candidates are really happy with how quick you answer and with the support you provide them”. Paula emphasizes how using Jobbatical’s Experience package, which includes bank account opening and long and short-term accommodation search, allowed the company to provide a particularly complete relocation experience to employees in senior positions. 

Collaborating with Jobbatical simplified the relocation process and improved satisfaction not only for zooplus’ talents but also for the company’s HR team - “the image we are providing to our internal hiring managers is much better in terms of quality of intervention and speed.”

Paula further highlights the highly user-friendly aspect of the platform, particularly the smooth sharing of information - “you upload all the information on the platform and everyone involved - talent, recruiter, human resources - we all have the same information (at the same place and time)”. For Paula, ensuring everyone is consistently updated with the same information simultaneously, eliminates the risk of missing crucial details, as can happen with traditional communication methods like emails. 

Impactful results

zooplus saw "at least a 50% reduction" in the time spent on each relocation, a direct result of Jobbatical’s platform’s streamlined and centralized experience, and the opportunity the partnership provided for global recruitment. Currently, zooplus relocates both EU and non-EU talents, as well as their family members, through Jobbatical.

Paula defines zooplus’ collaboration with Jobbatical as impactful and highly recommendable, and concludes by emphasizing the speedy and reliable support provided by Jobbatical’s experts, “I would like to highlight the excellent customer experience that you provide us as a recruiter”.

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