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Germany’s new Skilled Immigration Act

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What changes for employee mobility with Germany’s new Skilled Immigration Act?

From November 2023, Germany is introducing significant reforms to the Skilled Immigration Act that will make it easier for third-country nationals to work in Germany. The reforms, to be introduced in three stages - November 2023, March 2024, and June 2024 -, aim to address the country’s shortage of skilled workers.

The new Skilled Immigration Act reflects a more open and flexible approach to immigration that focuses on skill and experience over formal education. Some of the changes set to take place are:

  • people with work experience but without a university degree will have easier access to the German job market;
  • third-country nationals will be able to apply for any role for which they are qualified, instead of being restricted to roles linked only to their education experience;
  • lower salary levels for the EU Blue Card;
  • information technology talents with sufficient vocational experience will be able to apply for an EU Blue Card, even without a university degree.

These changes will, throughout the next few months, open doors to employers in Germany, significantly facilitating the hiring and relocation of non-EU talents, particularly in the tech, education, healthcare, and hospitality sectors.

For a detailed view of the most relevant measures for employers looking to hire global talent in Germany, download Jobbatical’s free Employer’s Guide to Germany’s new Skilled Immigration Act .

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