Make International Hiring a Breeze with These Top 11 Relocation Management Software

Make International Hiring a Breeze with These Top 11 Relocation Management Software

Gonz Sánchez
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Sure, we’ve talked before about what makes a Relocation Management Software great. And sure - we know you’re probably reading this piece because you trust us as one of the best. And we’re thankful for it!

But we also know that relocating talent is a very complex process. That’s why we’re sharing this list today of the 10 top relocation management software programs and tools. We want to tell you more about what these companies offer and how it’s useful so you can make the best decision for your team.

Stop one moment and consider the amazing talent you can relocate to work with you. Doesn’t it sound great? And thanks to all of these options, today it’s easier than ever to recruit and strategically localize your new hires.


Is Data-Privacy one of your biggest concerns? Do you want to work with a company so well spread that offers coverage with 371 cities in 47 countries

Enter ReloTalent: “Relocation and global mobility management software come together to help your organization hire, welcome, and retain people for work globally.” With a focus on GDPR compliance and an advanced authentication process, Relotalent also offers a Salary Calculator that can come in handy when hiring foreign talent. 


ServiceNow HR Service Delivery is the name of this collection of programs that help the consumer and the HR team behind them. 

In their own words: “Whether it's a simple request for information or a multi‑departmental process like onboarding, employees finally have a single place for all their service needs.”

Helps eliminate frustration and improve employee satisfaction with efficient, intelligent services. Something to point out - they offer different pricing and plans according to your needs. And you know how valuable it is to consider an employee-focused company… At Jobbatical we also appreciate the simplicity in the process. 


Have you considered Digital Support? Benivo has a modern approach and offers a year of online help for the price of one day on-site - do you think this could work for your company? The online support includes Area Orientation, Housing, Settling-In, Culture, Lifestyle for the employee, and their respective spouses/partners.

In their own words, Benivo offers a modern, self-serve, experience and helps large enterprises deliver personalized, affordable, digital destination support, to their new hires, transfers, and assignees moving domestically or internationally.


Let’s just start by saying Envoy is the only full-service immigration management solution on the market. Their technology platform simplifies the process for companies to hire, mobilize, and manage a global workforce. 

And they can also help to manage and track work visas and green cards in the U.S. and around the world. This opens the game to discover the right talent for your project without borders - a true shift of paradigm.


With a focus on immigration - INSZoom is actually the world’s largest immigration software company, with solutions for immigration law firms, corporations, and nonprofit groups. Doesn’t it sound great to cut some of that red tape off with the help of well-thought technology?

This is a SaaS cloud-based software, and it’s used extensively by immigration lawyers and law firms, corporations, universities, healthcare organizations, and non-profits.


If you’re looking for a flexible option - then Sterling Lexicon is for you.

Their relocation management platform includes portals and dashboards that can be easily adapted to your needs. Furthermore, they include all relocation data into one easy to use platform that will save your time and resources. 

Finally, additional features like an advice center and budget calculator help employees to adapt easily to their new home. It does make a difference.

Ineo Global Mobility: 

Are you looking to work with real mobility experts? Then Ineo Global Mobility is for you. Because they’re considered experts in the Global Mobility world, the largest relocation management companies work with them. They offer innovative tools, efficient services, and deep industry knowledge and their goal is to reduce risk and ensure compliance in the complex world of global mobility.


If you’re a government agency and/or a contractor, then this is the cloud system for you. mLINQS solution hosted on our secure cloud provides customers with a more efficient, accountable relocation system by fully automating the expense management and policy compliance processes.

Plus, if you need additional security assertion, mLINQS meets U.S. government regulations and/or customized corporate or government policies, including holding a FedRAMP authorization since 2017.


Is moving the most challenging part of your process? Then you should definitely look into MoveSoft. This product of emQube is a web-based application with a mobile app that is ideal for companies in the middle of a process of local and international relocation.

If you need efficiency, their software is thought to help in both sections - Surveys & Jobs, and a desktop-based back-office system for both Operations and Sales. 


NuCompass is a leading provider of relocation and mobility services that has been in the market for over 50 years. Isn’t that impressive?

And after all this time, they emphasize the importance of technology during this process. The goal? “Become more current. Make it easier for everyone. Build-in workflow and access to data for decision-making and to control costs.”

Their MVP is called CoPilot. It’s the first cloud-based relocation platform that helps manage the relocation process from the initial authorization process through final reconciliation - so NuCompass is literally with you every step of the way.


Jobbatical has been offering relocation and settle-in services in Estonia since 2017 and today covers other many other European countries including Germany, Spain, and more. Jobbatical covers the whole relocation process, from the most complex elements to the simplest – immigration to getting familiar with the neighborhood.

Jobbatical aims to make immigration seamless and create memorable experiences. Internal software helps manage a large number of requirements simultaneously, removing the tyranny of spreadsheets plus adding to efficiency and productivity.

To balance the benefits of productivity with the personal touch of a dedicated immigration expert, Jobbatical now offers an immigration software platform designed for clients. Never lose track of employee relocation documents again! With Jobbatical’s immigration software, relocating international talent is done with just a few clicks. You and your new hire (and their family, too!) will have full visibility into the entire relocation process - from start to finish. If you or your new employee have questions along the way, our dedicated team of immigration experts are here for you. Our talent relocation software provides the stability you need, while our team of global mobility experts provide the personal touch you want. 

Learn more about our employee relocation software and how it helps simplify the immigration process. 

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