Case study: How Typeform used Jobbatical to simplify their talent relocation process

Case study: How Typeform used Jobbatical to simplify their talent relocation process

Shoshana Luria
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Hiring international talent has been a core part of Typeform’s People Operations process since the very beginning. As a company, they have always valued diversity and recognized the many business benefits of hiring diverse talent. The ability to work with and learn from colleagues of different cultures has established Typeform as a company that is flexible and adaptable to everything. 

Diversity has another, lesser-known business benefit: access to a broader talent pool and attracting more talent leads. Hiring from an international talent pool poses a unique challenge: managing the international employee relocation process.   

Even in the best of times, international talent relocation can be a lot to manage. Typeform knows this experience far too well. Before Patricia Barrantes -People Operations Specialist at Typeform- began working with Jobbatical, the employee relocation process was challenging. “Until we discovered Jobbatical, there were extremely long email threads; it was so difficult to have all the employee cases, Visas, relocations, and important documents in one place, like a dashboard or an overview. The process has taken quite a bit of time from our agendas”, explains Patricia. 

At Jobbatical, we make the employee relocation process as smooth and as personal as possible. Each candidate relocation is assigned a Global Mobility Manager, and Raul Ruiz was paired with Typeform. Patricia continues, “Having someone available 24/7, like Raul, was so helpful. He is super hands-on and empathetic throughout the entire process. He was always there to answer all of our questions, the candidate’s as well. Prior to working with Raul, there was so much missing information. Candidates were not informed of all the stages and steps, and were probably missing information as well.”

When asked what advice she’d give to other companies hiring internationally, Patricia had this to say “Good luck to everyone hiring internationally! I learned so much, especially from Raul. Be patient and flexible, and don’t try to set up some sort of deadline or estimation or strict process around it - just flow!”

The international talent relocation process can be daunting. We’re here to help. Whether you would like a hands-on experience where one of our dedicated Global Mobility Managers is with you every step of the way, or you prefer to use our immigration software with your internal team, we have an immigration solution designed to meet your unique needs. Learn how Jobbatical can streamline and simplify your employee relocation process. Say goodbye to immigration headaches!

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