The 5 Best Global Mobility Software & Tools To Ease Employee Relocation Stress

The 5 Best Global Mobility Software & Tools To Ease Employee Relocation Stress

Komal Bagga
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Best Practices for Global Mobility Programs

Let's consider the logistics of hiring and relocating international candidates. There are tax laws, currency fluctuations, assignee preferences, volatile accommodation costs, varying immigration norms, and so many other pieces to the puzzle.

It's not just that there is a lot that needs to be done. There is also the fact that so many of these pieces are often changing (i.e. a global pandemic.). Thanks, COVID! 

Plus there are the different types of global employee relocation, from short term assignments to long term moves or extended business trips and foreigners who are hired locally.

For all these reasons and more, moving people across borders is a complex exercise, and invariably involves endless hours at the desk and tons of paperwork.

To stay on top of the challenges of managing a global workforce, talent mobility & global relocation teams need to be extremely well informed, and agile. Rather than just traditional employee relocation, we are now in the age of integrated talent mobility management, which calls for an overview of the talent pool, an understanding of recruitment and strategic cost management, and lots more. Enter global mobility software and tools.

What is Global Relocation Management Software and How Can it Help?

These little gems of technology are changing global mobility management from rigid frameworks, tedious reporting and manual tasks to a seamless automation of processes, self-service, and customization.

These relocation software solutions help in managing mobility programs by bringing together in one place the different aspects of an organizations international and domestic assignments. Users can not only manage international moves, but can also collect and map valuable data. They are configurable and interactive, eliminate errors, reduce risk, improve workflows and most importantly, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

There are numerous such solutions available, but before you start comparing prices and features, a few things to keep in mind:

  • The number of employees you relocate in a year, on average
  • The structure of your mobility teams across centers - are they centralized globally or managed independently by local recruitment teams?
  • Of the many types of employee relocation - long-term, short-term, extended business travel, locally hired foreigners and others - which ones should be managed by the relocation management software?
  • The extent of self-service you'd like to allow for employees to manage their relocation themselves
  • What functions would you like to keep in-house and which ones you'd like to outsource. So, should policy governance and communication remain in-house?
  • How much integration you'd like with core HR software to streamline business processes

All in all, a global mobility software solution should help you administer, track and manage your employee relocation program. Providing complete visibility, it should at least simplify and ease planning, relocation expense management, budgeting and reporting, and also help with analytics and cost projections including salary and compensation projections. The system should also make it easy for employees to access resources, upload files, and get the support they need.

To help you get started, here's a list of popular global mobility software and tools:


The ReloTalent platform lets HR professionals, relocation service providers, global mobility management teams, and assignees manage and track important aspects of international relocations. A fully integrated solution to manage all global mobility tasks from immigration and tax to destination services, it is also customizable to suit internal work processes or create personalized experiences and seamless onboarding processes for assignees.

Using ReloTalent, you can work with your existing relocation providers, interact in a project management setting and securely share documents - with your assignees, vendors as well as internal teams. Providing a central location to aggregated data, it enables easy reporting.

HR professionals can automate administrative tasks, centralize information and manage compliance. Similarly, relocation service providers can automate and track processes and ensure compliance, greatly enhancing their project management and reporting abilities. On the other hand, ReloTalent delivers an enhanced employee experience through its interactive support, document sharing feature, communications and guides and mobile app.

This web-based solution has been recognized for its intuitive and user friendliness, ability to deliver uniquely tailored relocation packages, real-time updates, self-service access, excellent customer service and great customer experience.


Jobbatical is the job-platform-turned-relocation-management-software-solution that helps businesses seamlessly relocate their international hires.

Taking care of all immigration and settle-in needs, Jobbatical is the go-to immigration partner that lets you sit back and go directly from the candidate accepting your offer to greeting them in their new location of residence. Knowledgeable and trusted in all things related to international employee relocation, Jobbatical saves HR professionals numerous hours of work, loads of paperwork, and headache.

Jobbatical's expertise in hiring fast and from several continents at once, is especially useful for hyper-growth startups like those that have gone from 18 to 300 people in under a year. Jobbatical brings clarity and understanding to the employee relocation process and takes care that documentation is processed in a timely and professional manner.

Jobbatical's 100% success rate is a result of their on-ground global mobility experts using their tech to deliver results. Their promise to respond within 24 hours is accompanied by a money-back guarantee. Without in-house global mobility knowledge, companies can still ensure ease and clarity throughout the immigration process by partnering with Jobbatical.

HR professionals benefit from an online reporting suite, gaining complete visibility and transparency into the progress employees are making, policy performance and cost of relocation. This helps them forecast and contain future costs, build smarter policies and distribute benefits in the best way.

At Jobbatical, it's understood that relocation isn't just about people starting new jobs - its about starting new lives. Efforts are made so that every assignee is taken care of. From airport pickup to registering with a family doctor, valuable and thorough advice is given to ease the process of settling in. Their ability and willingness to go the extra mile helps not only the new hire, but the entire family.

Instead of endless hours of paperwork, with Jobbatical, relocating an international employee is just a click away. Learn more about how we make the immigration process simple - and, dare we say - fun!

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions transforms traditional, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows, so users can get what they need, in simpler, faster and easier ways.

It promises to create great experiences for employees and enhance productivity for the enterprise, driving business level transformation. Employee lifecycle events like onboarding, offboarding, relocation, leaves of absence and more can be managed by HR across multiple departments on a single platform.

The platform also provides fast, consumer style service to employees through its intuitive, purpose-built app. It not only ensures new hires are ready on day one, but goes a step further by promoting satisfaction and raising the happiness quotient among employees.

At an enterprise level, it automates processes, again across departments, so HR, IT, finance, legal and other concerned departments can experience improved workflows. It provides insights into which processes are working and which are not, so that there is continuous improvement in onboarding. Plus, it's scalable on demand.


UrbanBound was born of the insight that technology can play an important role in easing some of HRs biggest headaches.

And given the complexity of global mobility, addressing some of HR's most pressing needs in international moves seemed the obvious choice. UrbanBound's relocation management software lets employees track, review and utilize their relocation benefits with great ease.

The aim is to support them every step of the way in their relocation journey. A library of vetted suppliers and service providers in home and destination countries is included. A range of educational content, online resources and budgeting tools are also included.

Focused on service, UrbanBound provides a designated relocation consultant, so help is always at hand and the assignee never feels alone. Their tailored employee experiences, round-the-clock relocation support and great network of knowledge and resources provide employees a better international relocation experience.

Lexicon 360

Lexicon 360 is designed for companies and transferees to streamline their global mobility operations. An intuitive interface enables access to information easily and quickly, provides insights and reduces errors. Custom-built dashboards make sure you don't get lost in a maze of information and reports.

Their end-to-end solutions can also be tailored to customer needs, providing a seamless experience to the employees, while keeping in mind organizational goals. Powered by  robust technology, the platform provides every piece of required information in one secure place, and is scalable.

HR professionals can use the technology suite for online authorizations, customized reporting and ease in GDPR compliance, along with budgeting and analytics.

Transferees benefit from destination information, ease in expense reimbursement, including submissions on-the-go through the mobile app, and visibility into their relocation timeline.

Partner benefits include detailed reporting, automatic alerts and reminders, and real-time information transfer. With Lexicon 360, you'll have visibility into your program, whether its domestic or international relocation management. 

Overall, the global relocation process is complex, and usually a little bit stressful. Ok, a LOT stressful. But it doesn't have to be. Jobbatical's global mobility software makes relocating international talent a breeze. The best part? It's just a click away. 

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