Relocation Pitch: How to Convince Job Candidates to Relocate

Relocation Pitch: How to Convince Job Candidates to Relocate

Gonz Sánchez
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When you find a great international candidate, don’t let borders get in the way. Here’s a relocation pitch template to help convince top talent to move to you.

Finding a great fit for your company is challenging enough that when you do find someone who is willing to take your company to the next level, you should do everything you can to get them on board … even if it means making a relocation pitch. In this article we go over the best way to convince your candidates to move to you, including a relocation pitch email template to make sure you cover all your bases.

How to get people to move to the 'middle of nowhere'

You’ll need to talk about a few things to entice someone to move to your city. If you aren’t in a central business hub where people are flocking, you’ll need to sell your location. Here are 3 tips to get people to move.

1) Mention cost of living

One of the perks of living in a non-central business hub is cost of living. According to Teleport, an apartment in San Francisco more than 4x the cost of one in Tallinn, Estonia. A lower cost of living translates to more savings and better quality of life for less. Gather data on standard cost of living in your city, and send it to potential hires so they know what expenses to expect.

2) Help them envision living there

Making a big life change is daunting for most people, especially if they’re moving away from a familiar, comfortable place to somewhere they’ve never been, or never imagined themselves going. Encourage candidates to relocate by helping them imagine themselves in your town or city. This could include sending a list of local events, sharing a list of your favorite restaurants and coffee shops, or even putting together a city guide.

3) Be flexible in their transition

Ease your job candidates into the idea of relocating by offering a flexible transition. Your new hire could be making a move from far away, and s/he may need time to adjust to a different place, culture, and even language. Your flexibility as an employer could be the push needed to get someone to commit to the move. Allow flexible schedules to help with timezone adjustments, and offer work-from-home days so new hires have time to fix up their new living spaces or even provide a fully remote option.

Relocation pitch email template

Here’s a quick email template you can use to give them all the details they would need to make the life-changing decision to relocate for your company. Be sure to customize the template with your information, and replace the job benefits with your unique offerings

Subject: An invitation to join the team! Dear , Thank you for the time you put into applying to . I’m excited to offer you a position with us as ! We would love for you to join our team in as early as . Here are a few more details about our offer and . You’re officially invited to join as our in , with a base salary of . We also provide a number of benefits you’ll love, such as [comprehensive health coverage for you and your family, and stock options]. [List additional benefits. For example; We have remote office or hybrid work options. We provide a gym membership, monthly movie passes, and go to two industry events every year]. To give you an idea of cost of living in , a cup of coffee is , and median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is . [Note: You can link to pricing here] We’ve also put together a city guide for that details our favorite places in town, and why you’ll love it here. Here’s what we expect from you in return.

  • expectation 1: their deliverables every month
  • expectation 2: their working attitude
  • expectation 3: your target metrics every quarter

Let’s schedule a call so I can answer any questions you may have, and you can tell me if there’s anything else I should know.

You don’t have to follow the template exactly, and be sure to clarify what they will get, why they will love working with you, and what your expectations are. Keep our relocation tips in mind when you pitch the job to candidates during the interview process, and when you make a formal invitation.

The best candidates are always worth going the extra mile for, especially when they’re traveling multiple miles to you!

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