Jobbatical vs Santa Fe: How Do They Compare?

Jobbatical vs Santa Fe: How Do They Compare?

Komal Bagga
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The right relocation partner can make a world of difference when you're moving your new employees. That’s why it makes sense to invest some time and effort in your search.

If in your seach for the perfect partner you've come across the names Jobbatical and Santa Fe, you might be wondering: What do they even do and how can they help me?

Jobbatical is quickly making a name for itself when it comes to moving to Estonia and other European countries. Santa Fe is a global brand that’s been around for a long time. It might seem at first glance that there’s very little in common between these two except that they are both relocation companies. But let’s take a closer look and get to the bottom of this.


Founded in 2014 as a global hiring platform, Jobbatical’s evolution into an immigration platform/service provider was a natural result of the company’s evolution.

Jobbatical has been offering relocation and settle-in services in Estonia since 2017 and today covers other European countries like Germany, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Jobbatical covers the whole relocation process, from the most complex elements to the simplest – immigration to getting familiar with the neighborhood.

Jobbatical aims to make immigration seamless and create memorable experiences. Internal software helps manage a large number of requirements simultaneously, removing the tyranny of spreadsheets plus adding to efficiency and productivity.

Plans to expand services to other European countries are already underway.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe was founded in 1980 when a number of companies and businesses already offering global mobility came together under one banner. Santa Fe assists businesses and their employees with visas, immigration, property rentals, settling into home or school, language and cultural training, storage and moving of household goods and more.

The award-winning service provider’s agenda is to be a one-stop moving service, whether you’re moving locally, within the country, or across the border. Each move is executed by dedicated coordinators, who organize the entire moving experience.

Headquartered in London, UK, Santa Fe has a recognized global presence and counts over 50,000 local and international moves among its success stories.


Both Jobbatical and Sante Fe offer workforce mobility solutions to move employees and their families to a new location. Their wide range of relocation services offered can also be customized. Broadly, their suit of services includes:

  • Relocation and destination services
  • Corporate immigration
  • Destination guides
  • Consulting services


  • Providing immigration assistance including visa, residence permit, ID-card, and employment registration
  • Airport pickup and supply of essentials for the first days in the country
  • Settle-in services including opening a bank account, registering with a doctor, neighborhood orientation and more
  • Search for accommodation – both short and long term, which includes property viewings
  • Support for both the spouse and family, including childcare, school search and applying for social allowances
  • Hand-holding throughout the relocation experience for both employee and employer
  • Emergency support and a guaranteed 24-hour response time
  • Access to an exclusive expat community for the assignee

Santa Fe

  • Over a century of helping clients move from homes to new homes, and beyond
  • Over 50,000 local and international moves
  • Combines global expertize with a deep local knowledge
  • Moving home services include domestic moves, international moves, home removal services
  • To corporates, Santa Fe offers immigration, consulting services, relocation and destination services

Unique benefits

So these companies do have plenty in common, but some features are unique to each and help differentiate the two.


  • A money-back guarantee on visa applications
  • A 100% success rate
  • Increased operating speed thanks to internal software and local expertise
  • Guaranteed 24-hour response time

Santa Fe

  • The company also helps with local moves – around the neighborhood or across the country. Like in the case of an international move, a dedicated move coordinator takes care of all the details.
  • They’re a global organization and manage their service delivery through own operations across six continents
  • The company also provides assignment management services
  • They conduct regular surveys and share the insights. Their consulting team also conducts webinars and produces whitepapers.
  • Industry events are another offering. Participants can network, meet subject matter experts or just learn about the latest thinking in the industry.



  • Services are charged per relocated person
  • Three different packages: basic, welcome, premium
  • Clients can also add additional services to the package as per their requirement
  • Billing is done at the end of the month and only if a case is successful
  • Separate pricing for EU and non-EU residents, with different prices for residents of visa-free and visa countries

Santa Fe

  • The company provides a free estimate to visitors to their website. Whether it’s a local or international move, all that’s needed is that you provide your details by filling up a form.

Best suited for

Relocation is more than just about a physical move. With variations in cultures, employer needs and employee preferences, each requirement becomes unique. Jobbatical and Santa Fe both have their own benefits and which one works for you will depend on what you’re looking for.


  • If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, look no further. Jobbatical is great for startups and hyper-growth companies that are looking to scale rapidly
  • Great for companies brining in medium to large volumes of foreign specialists into Estonia, Germany, Spain, and/or the Czech Republic
  • Companies looking to scale/speed up their employee relocation
  • For relocations that require a very personalized, human-centered service, with careful hand holding for a stress free and memorable experience

Santa Fe

  • Best suited for domestic moves in the countries they have a presence in
  • Experienced in relocations to Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia
  • Great for individuals and companies looking for extended services that include:
  • Storage
  • Real estate and property management
  • International and domestic packing and shipping
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment installation services
  • Art and antiques movement
  • Exhibitions projects— from concept and planning through to full implementation


In short, Santa Fe is an established and experienced industry giant with a very broad range of services, while Jobbatical is the agile newcomer that's making immigration easier than ever.

Whichever one of these better suits your needs, good luck choosing your ideal relocation partner!

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