Germany accelerates visa process to attract skilled workers

Germany accelerates visa process to attract skilled workers

Andreia Mendes
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Inside Frankfurt train station in Germany

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Germany is accelerating work visa applications for non-EU skilled workers to address labor shortages and boost the economy. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announced the initiative, highlighting the need for a faster and more welcoming process.

To maintain its employment levels and avoid shortages, Germany needs to increase the number of national visas granted to foreign workers by 63%.

According to Schengen.News, German authorities are actively working to shorten waiting times for visa applications from non-EU workers. The process has already seen improvements at some embassies. Minister Baerbock noted reduced waiting times (specific timeframe not disclosed) at the German Embassy in New Delhi, India, where the process previously took nine months.

The government aims to further simplify the visa application process by implementing digitalization measures within their time in office. Beyond these steps, the Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to further simplifying immigration procedures and cultivating a welcoming environment for skilled foreign workers.

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