Germany: new EU Blue Card salaries announced for 2024

Germany: new EU Blue Card salaries announced for 2024

Andreia Mendes
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After introducing significant changes to the Skilled Immigration Act, including lower salary thresholds for the EU Blue Card, the German government has now announced updated figures for 2024. 

From January 1st 2024, the new salary threshold for regular occupations will be 45,300€, as opposed to 43,800€ in 2023, and 41,042€ for bottleneck or “shortage” occupations, as opposed to 39,682€ in 2023. This represents an increase of almost 3.5%, which may affect some companies’ perspectives on the Skilled Immigration Act reforms.

It has further been confirmed that the possibility of pursuing employment in fields that differ from the talent’s original qualifications only applies to the Skilled Worker Permit, not the EU Blue Card.

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