Moving Talent to Europe Is Becoming Almost Suspiciously Easy for You (Yes, You)

Moving Talent to Europe Is Becoming Almost Suspiciously Easy for You (Yes, You)

Maria Magdaleena Lamp
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You’re spending way too much time and money on talent relocation and immigration (unless you’re already using Jobbatical. Hi, Jobbatical user!). Though many governments have recently made strides towards simplifying and streamlining immigration processes, most countries are still damn difficult to actually move people to.

It’s a murky world of hassles and inefficiencies. Either you’re doing everything yourself, or you’re paying top dollar for spreadsheets-driven agencies or outrageously expensive legacy providers. Either way, you’re throwing away inordinate amounts of time and/or money on relocating new hires.

It’s slowing down your hiring, hindering your growth, and draining resources that could be better used somewhere else.

What if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

Because this world of immigration inefficiencies and relocation red tape is ripe for—dare I say it—disruption.

Which is exactly what Jobbatical is doing.

Jobbatical, you’re thinking now. But wait a minute...

Aren’t you just another immigration and relocation agency?

Short answer—no.

Jobbatical is using a combination of technology and human expertise to make hiring from abroad as easy as hiring locally, at about a third of the price of a legacy relocation service provider. Let’s break down what that means for the way you relocate your fresh international hires.

One-time data collection

Without Jobbatical: Your talent has to go through a tedious, manual process for information and document collection—multiple rounds of it. As much as 30-40 percent of the information your new international hires need to type out throughout their relocation process is redundant. The result: overwhelmed and annoyed talent. Before they’ve so much as set foot in your office (or even your country!).

With Jobbatical: One-time data collection on the immigration platform. Your talent doesn’t have to enter any information more than once. The result: speed and efficiency that leads to a simplified, noticeably smoother talent experience. We probably don’t need to remind you that talent experience is everything. For more on this, take a look at our uncomfortably honest guide to engaging expat employees from day one.

Real-time status updates

Without Jobbatical: You’re drowning in email threads to update case statuses at different stages of the immigration process. Things get lost, overlooked, and delayed.

With Jobbatical: You and the talent both see real-time status updates for all steps of the immigration and relocation process in one place. Not just for your new hire but also for any family members moving with them.

Seamless document collection

Without Jobbatical: Talent and family member documents are spread out haphazardly across multiple email threads, requiring additional scrutiny and effort to locate and organize. It’s even more serious than it sounds: This can lead to application rejection due to human error, in which case you’re back to square one, having lost even more precious time.

With Jobbatical: Seamless document collection. Your new employee’s documents are sorted under relevant sections on the platform, based on the requirements of the immigration process. Nothing misplaced, no rummaging through your inbox for the right PDF.

Centralized task management

Without Jobbatical: Timelines and deadlines for different cases are impossibly difficult to reliably track and manage across the numerous steps of the relocation process.

With Jobbatical: The platform provides an easy way for your dedicated agents to manage tasks, appointments, and deadlines from one place. Meanwhile, you get a comprehensive bird’s-eye view of how your cases are coming along.

Form automation

Without Jobbatical: Hours of manual form-filling and regular follow-ups drain your resources.

With Jobbatical: Visa and permit application forms are pre-filled with information from the talent’s Jobbatical profile, available for download in seconds. This automation reduces manual application creation effort by 6-7 hours per case. Talent information is extracted accurately from their documents, reducing data input effort for your new employee by 15-20 percent.

Efficient information exchange

Without Jobbatical: If the person in charge of a specific relocation is absent, case handover is time-consuming and requires going through initial conversations and notes to get a clear understanding of the case status.

With Jobbatical: If a handover is needed, picking up a case at any point in the process is easy due to the detailed and structured overview and step-by-step summary of each case captured on the platform.

Without Jobbatical: You can count on a barrage of questions from each talent and their family members about the process and specific scenarios they’re facing.

With Jobbatical: The most frequently asked questions are prompted contextually to the talent on the platform, reducing their need to reach out to their dedicated Jobbatical agent—or to you, for that matter.

The fast information exchange enabled by the platform leads to a 20-30 percent decrease in manual work for employers and employees and shortens the entire immigration process significantly. This efficiency, combined with the local expertise of our in-house immigration specialists, means that Jobbatical can deliver results as much as two times faster than run-of-the-mill relocation agencies, at around a third of the price of a legacy service provider.

So no—Jobbatical isn’t just another agency. We’re dragging the talent relocation business into the 21st century and turning your immigration nightmare into a dream.

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