Resources for Employers and Talent Affected by COVID-19

Resources for Employers and Talent Affected by COVID-19

Maria Magdaleena Lamp
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With the job market reeling from the effects of COVID-19, both employers and talent are facing challenges on a greater scale than anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Now is not the time to keep any good ideas to yourself, so we’re compiling a list of resources designed to help companies and talent affected by the pandemic. From talent directories and free HR tools to employee engagement and mental health support in times of crisis, we hope you find useful things on the list below.

Please note that some of these resources are location-specific and may not be available/applicable in your location.

Connecting talent with employers

The International Labor Organization expects COVID-19 to affect 80% of the global workforce. Millions have lost their jobs already. Here are some resources that aim to connect those affected with companies still hiring.

Jobbatical’s COVID-19 Hiring Sheets for connecting available talent with companies in Spain and Estonia

Jobbatical is compiling directories of companies still hiring and available talent in Spain and in Estonia. These living documents list employers who are looking to hire, as well as talent who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

For talent:

  • If you’ve been laid off in Spain, use this directory to find potential job opportunities and add your own contact details to the list.
  • If you’re an expat laid off in Estonia because of COVID-19, this spreadsheet lists local employers still looking for talent and is already producing successful hires. Add your contact information and browse companies.

For employers:

  • If you’re hiring in Spain, use this document to find talent and sign up for the list to increase your visibility to great available talent.
  • If you’re still hiring in Estonia, list yourself here and see available talent.

Candor’s list of companies on a hiring freeze + layoff hiring list

Candor, a US-based company that helps professionals negotiate salary offers, is maintaining a user-generated list of companies that have frozen their hiring and those that are still hiring. You can see the full list and submit a company here.

Candor also has a layoff hiring list, where people who have lost their jobs can post their CVs. Talent can post their resumes here, and recruiters can get a searchable list with email addresses.

Jobscan’s Ultimate List

This list of 10,000+ companies includes the Candor list above, as well as data from Blind, layoffs.fyi, and StartupHireMe. Companies are tagged by hiring/freezing/layoffs.

Sifted’s list of startups still hiring in Europe

Startup media site Sifted is building a list of European startups hiring during COVID-19. Email them to get featured on the list or browse roles if you’re a jobseeker.

(Free) tools to help employers and teams during COVID-19

Thank the heavens for technology. It’s keeping us connected and entertained, and it’s helping us keep the world spinning. And whether we were ready or not, it’s helping us streamline our processes—just because we have no choice. Here are some tools and software to make your work life a little easier during the pandemic.

13 free HR tools

TalentLyft has compiled a list of 13 HR tools you can use for free during the crisis.

11 HR solutions and tools temporarily available for free

To help out others, many companies are currently giving away their solutions and tools free of charge. AIHR has listed 11 HR software solutions and tools that are temporarily free to use.

More free software

ITPro has a growing list of companies offering free software during the COVID-19 outbreak. From security software to workplace apps, there are a lot of gems on this list.

36 tools for remote work

Hubspot has made a list of 36 tools to improve communication, collaboration, and organization on remote teams. Some of these are no-brainers (isn’t literally the whole world using Zoom right now?), but if you’re shopping around for the right tools for your team, this is a great list.

199 free tools

Entrepreneur compiled a monster list of a whopping 199 free tools to help companies through the pandemic. (Note that this list was first posted a little while ago, so not all of these offers may be valid by the time you read this.)

Remote work resources

Everyone and their grandmother has written a guide to remote work by now, and most teams have probably figured out what works for them. But there’s always more to learn about thriving remotely.

Hiring remotely during COVID-19

Hiring isn’t what it used to be. (Well, nothing is what it used to be, but you know what we mean.) To keep your hiring game strong over long distances, Jobbatical wrote a guide to remote hiring.

How to pay remote workers

While we’re waiting for the world to open up and for people to start moving beyond borders again, employers need to onboard and pay new employees remotely. ShieldGeo put together a guide to figuring out how you can pay workers located abroad.

Remote onboarding

And as for remote onboarding, here’s a guide from HR Dive.

Mental health resources

We’ll say this till we’re blue in the face: now is the time to put employee mental health first. Burnout rates are rising, people are stressed and anxious—here’s how you can help your team and yourself during this mentally taxing time.

Supporting remote team mental health

Working with a handful of experts, Jobbatical published a thorough guide to supporting employee mental health during the COVID-19 crisis.

Free content from Headspace

Meditation app Headspace is offering some of their content for free to help you weather the storm.

Employee engagement ideas for the era of empathy

The Word Nerds at Textio have published a guide to “keeping up morale and motivation in our new, more human world”.

Reopening offices safely

Depending on where you are in the world, you might be getting close to—or already in the middle of—reopening your office (if you’re planning to go back to the office at all). The question on everyone’s mind is: how can we go back safely?

Questions to ask before you reopen your office

Before you rush back to the office, ask yourself these eight questions listed by HBR.

5 tips for reopening safely

HBR also published their tips for reopening offices while keeping employees and customers safe and healthy.

How to reopen your small business

Small businesses might be more nimble, but they’re also more vulnerable to global uncertainty. Check out Investopedia’s guide to office reopening for small businesses.

Other resources

Managing remote layoffs with empathy

While some companies are lucky enough to be surviving and even thriving, not all have that luxury. For those faced with having to lay off employees, Jobbatical put together a guide to managing remote layoffs with empathy.

Startups helping startups

The German Startups Association has built the Startup Corona Handbook, a crowdsourced list of public resources, analyses and events from startups for startups related to the coronavirus.

Workforce planning for the new normal

Relocate Magazine has published an article about effective workforce building.

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