EU Council approves digitalization of Schengen Visa Application

EU Council approves digitalization of Schengen Visa Application

Andreia Mendes
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On the 13th of November, the European Union Council approved new rules that will enable travelers to the Schengen area to apply for a visa online. This decision promises improved security measures and streamlined procedures.

The newly adopted regulations will introduce an EU visa application platform, where most Schengen visa applications will take place. On the platform, applicants will be able to enter necessary information, upload digital copies of travel and supporting documents, pay their visa fees, and receive notifications on their visa decision.

This means that, in most cases, physical visits to the consulate will no longer be required except for first-time applicants, individuals with expired biometric data, or those with a new travel document. Additionally, the visa sticker will be replaced with more secure a cryptographically signed barcode, reducing the risk of falsification or theft of the visa sticker.

Some of the tech industry’s most popular hiring countries, like India or the Philippines, are part of the list of countries that need a visa to enter the Schengen area. Simplified visa procedures present an opportunity for companies in Schengen countries looking to hire global talent. The digital visa platform promises a reduction in time and resources required for the hiring process, as well as an enhanced overall experience for relocating talents, which allows companies to attract talent from around the world more easily. 

These changes mark a distancing from the traditional paper-filled processes and promise to simplify visa application and make it more accessible for everyone. The date when the new rules start to apply is yet to be decided and is pending the conclusion of the digital visa platform.

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