Jobbatical launches in the United States of America

Jobbatical launches in the United States of America

Maria Magdaleena Lamp
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A letter from Jobbatical CEO Karoli Hindriks

We’re going across the pond to make international hiring twice as fast and three times more budget-friendly for American businesses.

Every year, the USA issues 140,000 work visas. At 10-15 hours of processing time and 50 sheets of paper per visa, that’s around 218,750 days spent on processing applications. 600 hundred years’ worth of working time and 7 million sheets of paper for processes that can and should be automated and digitized. All of this without even mentioning the harder-to-quantify stress and planning that goes into it from the relocating employees’ side.

We want employers and their employees to feel safe and confident navigating the challenges of the visa application and relocation process—with a better experience, at a significantly lower cost. Today, we’re happy to announce that Jobbatical is launching on the US market to do exactly that.

"Despite the current state of the economy, the US is still facing a structural labor shortage,” says Karoli Hindriks, Jobbatical founder and CEO. According to Giovanni Peri, director of the Global Migration Center at the University of California, Davis, the US labor market could be missing as many as 1.7 million immigrants. “We are changing that,” Hindriks continues. “Our mission is to help make this process as stress-free and cost-effective as possible, using automation to simplify the experience and reduce the time and expense of the visa process."

On average, an employer using the Jobbatical platform can expect to cut nine hours of work for every relocated employee. Meanwhile, relocating employees can expect roughly 20% less manual data entry compared to legacy providers. Ultimately, our platform makes the dreaded visa process twice as fast and three times more more budget-friendly, with AI-powered automation that takes care of the more labor-intensive tasks and activities normally vulnerable to human error.

Ready to meet the unique challenges of the American market

Jobbatical's board members include industry veterans Patty McCord and Alec Ross. Ross is an author and innovation expert and served as Senior Advisor for Innovation to the Secretary of State during the Obama administration. McCord is the former chief talent officer at Netflix, where she was responsible for creating the now-famous Netflix Culture Deck. "As someone who has worked with talent and companies around the world, I know how complicated and expensive the relocation process can be,” she says. “Jobbatical is uniquely positioned to solve this problem, making it easier and more affordable for companies to hire and relocate talent from anywhere in the world." (More on our interview with Patty McCord)

In 2022, Jobbatical processed well over 6000 relocation cases, moving people to 18 different countries, often with their families—and even pets—in tow. With this launch on the US market, we’re continuing our mission to make hiring from abroad as easy as hiring locally, at about a third of the price of a legacy relocation service provider.

If you’re ready to dramatically reduce the amount of time and money you’re spending on relocating international employees, speak to us today.

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