Jobbatical updates: streamline case renewals with the new Renewals Dashboard

Jobbatical updates: streamline case renewals with the new Renewals Dashboard

Andreia Mendes
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Securing and retaining global talent comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to navigating the complexities of immigration. Managing work visas and permits, especially renewals, can be a time-consuming and often frustrating process for HR professionals. The complex paperwork, diverse regulations across countries, and tight deadlines can easily lead to delays, errors, and unnecessary stress, impacting operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Jobbatical's latest update, the new Renewals Dashboard, transforms these challenges by making managing global talent renewals seamless and saving you time and effort.

Effortless Renewal Management

Skip manual data entry and start your renewals directly from the Employer Dashboard with all your employee's information automatically pre-filled. This saves you precious time and ensures accuracy. If a renewal is not needed, simply mark it as "not needed" in just two clicks. The platform will remember your selection, and automatically suppress future notifications for that employee, ensuring your dashboard remains focused on active cases.

Refreshed Renewals Report

Gain instant insights into upcoming renewals with the refreshed Renewals Calendar, featuring a clear month-by-month breakdown and highlighted renewals due within the next 3 months. The updated time filter helps you stay organized and flexible by filtering past, present, or future renewals, while the improved download option enables you to tailor your downloaded reports by selecting specific entities, countries, timeframes, or documents for an efficient analysis.

Renewal Alerts

Employers can now easily set up email notifications for various renewals - residence permits, visas, work permits. Once the alert is enabled, you’ll receive monthly notifications (sent on the 1st of each month) highlighting the employees whose documents expire within the next 60 days, allowing you to proactively manage renewals and ensure compliance.

Easily navigate the intricacies of relocation, from immigration, to settling-in and renewals, with Jobbatical as your partner. We pair innovative technology and the best immigration experts to streamline the entire employee relocation process, making it stress-free for both you and your talents. 

Request a free demo of our platform and find out how Jobbatical can help you streamline employee relocation. Our expert team will be happy to walk you through all the most relevant features for you and answer any questions you may have. Talk to us today to get started.

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