Jobbatical updates: unleashing the power of adaptability in talent mobility

Jobbatical updates: unleashing the power of adaptability in talent mobility

Andreia Mendes
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Jobbatical updates: the power of adaptability

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Jobbatical product updates: One step closer to the new world of talent relocation

We know the business world is a dynamic one where needs are fluid, constantly evolving and intensifying. That’s why at Jobbatical we want to make sure that whatever our user’s needs are and however they shift, we have an answer. We constantly adapt to power our client’s growth through talent mobility, at any scale, at any time - and our latest platform improvements showcase just that.

Integrated new case experience

We’ve created an integrated new case experience that brings all of our user’s case needs together in one single, intuitive page. 

Now, employer users can swiftly and efficiently create new cases or update existing ones, manage relocations and renewals, or even add a new family member, with no need for different screens to address different scenarios.

Package comparison views

We know it’s never one-size-fits-all with employee relocation. Each case and each talent deserve personalized attention. So why should choosing a package be any different? 

Our package comparison view allows employers to explore and compare various packages and understand which is best suited to their needs. From immigration-only, to short and long-term hand-holding, or even a-la-carte choice, it’s now possible to fully customize a package when adding or updating an employee case. This feature not only simplifies decision-making but also ensures employer users are equipped to choose the package that is best aligned with their company’s and talent’s needs.

Jobbatical is not simply a service, we’re a partner in navigating the ever-shifting world of employee mobility. As our client’s businesses grow and their needs change, so do we - guaranteeing innovative solutions and expert support.

Want to find out how Jobbatical can help you power your company’s growth through employee relocation? Request a free demo of our platform! Our expert team will be happy to walk you through all the relevant features and answer any questions you may have. Talk to us today to get started.

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