Navigating the talent shortage: employee mobility as a game changer

Navigating the talent shortage: employee mobility as a game changer

Andreia Mendes
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In today's fiercely competitive job market, many industries are struggling with a persistent challenge – the talent shortage. Finding skilled workers is now a roadblock for many companies around the world, with the demand significantly outpacing the supply, especially for the ever-evolving digital professions.

According to a large-scale study carried out by SD Worx, 43% of European employers say they are having trouble attracting employees. Paired with difficulty in retaining existing workers, 49% of companies cannot get their necessary work done due to lack of personnel. 

A different study by ManPower Group shows that, in 2023, nearly 4 in 5 employers globally report difficulty finding the skilled talent they need - the highest number in the last 17 years. 

This scarcity of skilled workers presents a dilemma, but it can also be seen as an opportunity for companies to reimagine traditional processes. One powerful answer to talent shortage is employee mobility and relocation. 

International Hiring: answer to the talent shortage

In today's interconnected world, talent knows no geographical boundaries. With local talent in short supply, innovative organizations are venturing beyond saturated local markets and looking abroad for the skilled professionals they need. 

According to ManPower Group, 55% of employers are open to hiring internationally, with 13% looking to hire more foreign talent, particularly in the IT and Communications Services industries. Embracing international hiring means companies gain access to a global talent pool filled with experienced, skilled professionals and the unique benefits that come with it.

International employees often bring a different skill set and unique experiences to the table. Bringing together talents from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures means injecting teams with a diversity of perspectives. In this sense, global hiring can help companies encourage creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, boosting productivity.

Hiring globally with Jobbatical

Embracing employee mobility and international hiring is an important strategy, whether to navigate the talent shortage or to unlock company growth on a global scale. 

At Jobbatical, we understand hiring globally is not a straightforward process. It involves navigating foreign job markets and understanding cultural nuances and complex immigration laws. That's precisely why we provide all-in-one solutions, from immigration services to settling-in support, making relocation as easy as booking a flight. Both the HR team and talents can rest assured that they will have expert assistance at every stage of the mobility process, ensuring a seamless experience. 

Talk to one of our experts to find out how you can easily tap into global talent. Request a free demo and get a personalized package, adapted to your company’s needs. 

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