Introducing Jobbatical’s new CRO and VP of Marketing: Frederik Ballon and Ann Maria Joyce

Introducing Jobbatical’s new CRO and VP of Marketing: Frederik Ballon and Ann Maria Joyce

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Introducing Jobbatical’s new CRO and VP of Marketing: Frederik Ballon and Ann Maria Joyce

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Hold on to something because we have some pretty big news. 

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce two incredible additions to the Jobbatical team: Frederik Ballon, our new Chief Revenue Officer, and Ann Maria Joyce, our new Vice President of Marketing. 

Ann and Frederik bring years of impressive experience and will play a strategic role in Jobbatical’s mission of simplifying global talent mobility and breaking down borders.

Get to know Frederik Ballon: Chief Revenue Rockstar

Frederik comes to Jobbatical with an impressive track record of experience. Before joining us, he was the Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales at iCIMS. He not only secured a strong market presence but also boosted growth in enterprise and mid-market segments all across the continent. All that in just 4.5 years!

Before iCIMS, Frederik spent 14 years at Peoplefluent. He was part of the management team that made several strategic acquisitions to build an innovative suite of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions and facilitating a successful exit for the parent company, Bedford Funding. He’s also been a global Head of Recruitment at AMI Semiconductors and an HRIS Project Manager at Proximus. In short, Frederik’s seen it all: from building global sales teams to implementing HCM solutions globally. 

You might need sunglasses reading Frederik’s list of accomplishments in the HR tech world - because it shines. We got ours on and we’re ready to see all of his experience in action as part of the leadership team at Jobbatical.

Get to know Ann Maria: Marketing Master

Ann Maria is an all-around marketing star and no stranger to making companies shine.
Before Ann Maria joined us, she was the Group Regional Director of Marketing at Asia's largest online property portal, PropertyGuru Group. There, she pretty much built the B2B marketing function from scratch and made data-driven growth-boosting marketing strategies look like a piece of cake. 

Ann Maria’s earlier roles had her leading regional teams at Thomson Reuters and BlackBerry, where she did some marketing magic driving brand growth, doing customer acquisition, and developing agile marketing campaigns that would make you go “wow, that’s some good marketing!”.

At Jobbatical, Ann Maria is all set to lead marketing, playing a key role in market expansion. She'll be calling the shots when it comes to developing and executing the global marketing strategy, from branding to demand generation, product marketing, and customer engagement. You definitely won’t want to miss out on that.  

Jobbatical’s CEO, Karoli Hindriks, is as excited as any of us. She says:

“Frederik and Ann Maria bring a depth of experience that is invaluable to Jobbatical’s mission of breaking down borders. Their deep understanding of our industry dynamics, coupled with a proven track record of fostering growth and building outstanding teams, will be a significant step towards realising our vision of a world where moving to a new country is as simple as booking a flight.”

That’s right, Karoli! The border-breaking revolution is about to reach a new level.
It’s probably time to grab a chair because these two are ready to put on a show capable of putting the Eras Tour to shame. In the business world, of course. 

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