Jobbatical launches in France

Jobbatical launches in France

Maria Magdaleena Lamp
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Jobbatical launches in France

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Why Jobbatical? Unlocking effortless employee relocation

Jobbatical’s unique position on the intersection of government and tech has always meant that we keep our eyes peeled for opportunities to improve the way the two interact.

One such opportunity arose in 2021, when President Emmanuel Macron of France launched the Scale-Up Europe initiative. As part of the initiative, a select group of tech founders, investors, researchers, CEOs, and government officials rallied together to accelerate the rise of global tech leaders born in Europe. Because as quickly as it’s developing and churning out unicorns, Europe today still lags behind other regions.

To remedy this, Scale-Up Europe has set an ambition for the continent to become home to 10 technology companies each valued at more than €100bn by 2030.

Announcing Jobbatical’s third major market launch of the year—and what this could mean for the European tech sector

Even to the most casual observer, this is a lofty goal—for multiple reasons. The question we’re asking at Jobbatical: who is going to build those companies? Skilled tech talent is running out, and bringing more in from outside the EU is a nightmare for both the talent and the companies employing them. In fact, our work over the years has consistently shown that even with the constraints of the global talent crunch, the biggest problem in international hiring isn’t finding the right talent—it’s the immigration and relocation process.

As it stands today, immigration into Europe for tech talent from outside of the EU can drag out for months—from two or three to as many as nine in particularly complex cases. 

Since the initiative’s inception, Jobbatical founder and CEO Karoli Hindriks has been one of the members advocating for an overhaul of European immigration processes to give the region smoother access to top global talent. 

Having been at the forefront of digital transformation in the immigration space for years, Jobbatical believes that changing the way talent flows into Europe is one of the most impactful ways of boosting the competitiveness of the region’s tech scene. 

Fittingly, the next step for us on that road is France—the home of Scale-Up Europe.

Having processed thousands upon thousands of immigration cases and already used by the likes of N26, Personio and TravelPerk, we are ready to change the employee relocation game in France and make moving internationally as easy as booking a flight—employers in France now have access to our proprietary software that makes international talent relocation twice as fast and three times more budget-friendly.

Jobbatical’s long-term goal is to create immigration systems that will allow for relocation speeds that can give a leg up to countries and businesses that understand the importance of a frictionless experience. If you’re hiring internationally—whether you’re in France or elsewhere—get in touch and we’ll show you how you can make talent relocation work for you.

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